Democrats Raising Covid-19 Cases to Shutdown Country as #STOPTHESTEAL Caravans Scheduled to Occupy DC

Ever wonder why suddenly COVID-19 cases are on the “rise” again and in record numbers? Elon Musk even left a little bread crumb for those that can still think on their own to expose the covid-19 hoax.

As TRUMP supporters and #stopthesteal caravans pop up around the country to occupy DC against the corrupt democrats and their election steal coup, the coastal states such as NY and CA are entering hightening lockdowns touting record high numbers of COVID-19 cases. A preview to all the Biden supporters to have a glimpse of the tyranical teeth in America’s destiny if the Democrats are successful in stealing the election.

#STOPTHESTEAL caravans and parades are scheduled to occupy washington DC tomorrow with Trump even praising the movement to fight against a full communist takeover of the United States of America

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