Joe Biden To Announce COVID Task Force To Impose Mask Mandates, Contact Tracing On Americans – Hints at Socialism

Statement Concerning COVID by Alex Jones:

If you want to have a martial law takeover, you use medical systems to do it because those are the most respected, and studies show people will submit to that more. Then you create a manmade virus that spreads very well that’s not very deadly but that reinfects. And then you announce that no one is going to have their freedoms back until it’s totally eradicated and you take the vaccine. Then they tell you, “sorry, the vaccine is never going to work either”, so you just got to have restrictions of where you go and what you do forever with these apps that control and track your whole life – the social credit score. And that’s the takeover. Then they start announcing, “but we are going to send contact tracers to your house and take you away if you don’t submit to the medical protocols we’re going to carry out that don’t even protect you.” That’s the total takeover plan they can turn on or turn off for every election for total control. 

According to AP:

Analysts say there were two issues on the ballot: the economy and coronavirus. The two, of course, are now inevitably, critically intertwined. Biden has reportedly already started working on the transition of power with his team, including coordinating his strategy for COVID-19. It was reported Saturday that he would announce the formation of a pandemic task force as soon as Monday.

As the world awaits the first vaccine and coronavirus infections surge, Biden has acknowledged that the pandemic will not end anytime soon, but he has said he will rely on the counsel of scientists and medical professionals. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic,” Biden said this month. “I do promise this: We will start on Day 1 doing the right things.”


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