Ashley Graham is Obese, and we’re all sick and tired of being nice about it.

In the latest, now fake news media website, Yahoo!, Ashley Graham calls herself “big” while posting a naked selfie photo of herself on twitter. These articles continually pop up on Yahoo and the world is frankly tired of it. are correct; You are BIG.

Albeiet, Ashley has had a history of being overweight based on the pictures plastered throughout social media, but also a long laundry list of overly showing off her naked body with either a baby bump, or breast feeding naked. Could she be actually hiding her chronic obesity behind her many back to back pregnancies? Normally post pregnancy fat sheds after a few months with proper nutrtion, exercise and the body’s ability to regenerate itself.

To be frank, the world doesn’t care about who Ashley graham is, but the fact that she keeps seeking self worth, subconsciously feeding off the now PC only culture, is getting.. old. Plus sized models is a good thing for society, but it also synomynous to a participation trophy. The eyes want what the eyes want, and seeing Ashley pimping out her breast feeding advenures, isn’t one of them.

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