Mark Levin Exposes NY Gov. Cuomo’s Cover Ups of COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths and Lies – Justice will be SERVED!

Mark Levin has said it before, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is up to his neck with his lies and is attempting to cover up his actions. Why didn’t he use the medical ship that remained effectively empty in NYC, or the Jaavitz Center for COVID-19 medical treatments? “Federal guidelines” had NOTHING to do with it!

On March 25 he ordered that nursing homes would be required to admit patients or were suspected to have … or who had tested postive for COVID-19. And now that order has been “mysteriously” deleted from the NY Dept of Health website and archived on all other new york news sites. Did Cuomo initiate an executive hit order to knowingly infect 60% of nursing homes to push up COVID 19 death #s in New York?

WATCH more Mark Levin:

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