POTUS Gets Censored by UN and it’s Corporate Subsidiaries. Media Follows Suit

POTUS Donald Trump and his son Trump Jr. have been shadow banned and censored recently on Twitter as POTUS tweeted a video showing a group of doctors stating that hydro is a valid solutoin to the Covid-19 solution.

The United Nations and WHO subsidiaries, also funded by Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation,continued to carry out censorship hits and mass redirection of thoughts through it’s controlled media outlets once again, this time..with no surprise.. Yahoo.com. Front page Yahoo on 7/29/20 highlights and labels the group of medical experts in the video exposing the vaccine agenda as “quacks” and labels the potentially life saving information – “mis-information”

It has never been more clear that the agenda of the “commision” is unraveling and a sense of desperation is near.

See the video here:

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