Twitch Streamer dies by apparent suicide – next wave movement

Popular Twitch streamer Lannie “Ohlana” has reportedly died by apparent suicide, according to those close to her.

Ohlana was a Canadian-Vietnamese Twitch streamer who had posted increasingly alarming tweets and Instagram posts regarding her emotional state before submitting what appeared to be her final tweet, which read “it’s not anybody’s fault.”

Ohlana’s passing was allegedly confirmed by individuals she knew in real life by way of her Discord channel. It is unclear exactly what lead up to Ohlana taking these measures to die end her own life, but her tweets and messages appear to paint a picture of a tormented individual struggling to open up to others as she felt she had to deal with personal struggles on her own, lest she be ostracized or treated in a manner that would make her feel “trapped”, in a sense. 

She ended her last tweet with “It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and enjoy it for me.”

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