Should Nascar’s Bubba Wallace Admit That He Lied? Trump Demands Aplogy For the People.

Last month, members of Wallace’s team discovered the noose, which was found on the door of an infield garage stall assigned to the driver at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

The following day, in a show of solidarity with Wallace, NASCAR drivers and teams pushed his No. 43 car down pit road at the speedway.

FBI investigators later announced that the noose had been hanging in the garage since the last big race at the speedway in October, well before it was assigned to Wallace, and that the incident did not constitute a hate crime. Wallace even admits in a national interview that he never saw the “noose” – only heard about it.

Social Media has exploded with #bubbahoax and #jussibubbasmollet memes to highlight just how far gone the fake movement has gone to generate fake hate crimes. Is this the end for the left’s generated hate movement? When will celebrities and influencers take the handcuffs off and say NO?

Bubba is scheduled to race in his new #BLM inspired nascar in the next race this coming Sunday.

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