Marquette University Bullies Student- Threatens to REVOKE Student’s ADMISSION AFTER Viral PRO-TRUMP TIKTOK Video

The video featured incoming Marquette University freshman Samantha Pfefferle dancing gleefully to 6ix9ine’s “GOOBA” in front of a “Trump 2020” flag and a pro-Trump bumper sticker.

Captions in the video state: “When people see that I support Trump… Then try to hate on me… And think I’ll change my views.”

Pfefferle says after posting the video seen over 600,000 times she began receiving hate messages, including one where a commenter said, “I hope you get shot.”

Pfefferle was contacted by the dean of Marquette University’s undergraduate admissions, who warned her she was not yet a student.

Ms. Pfefferle has been very vocal on social media (TikTok, Instagram) about how she is enthusiastic about coming to Marquette in the Fall. As a Marquette student who is passionate for the University’s core values, such as Cura Personalis, and recognizing everyone’s human dignity, these transphobic, racist, and xenophobic comments should not be tolerated.

These comments made by Ms. Pfefferle were shared publicly, and were clearly presented as mocking jokes. Ms. Pfefferle is obviously proud of her statements, as she stands behind her words in every post.

These comments create and perpetuate an unsafe space for the LGBTQ+ community, first generation students, and Dreamers at Marquette.

Samantha Pfefferle is proud of her transphobic and xenophobic opinions, which under no circumstances should be allowed at Marquette. The University can and should make it their priority to ensure students (specifically LGBTQ+, immigrants, first gen, and POC) feel safe, valued, and appreciated on campus.

Eventually, Pfefferle was contacted by the dean of Marquette University’s undergraduate admissions, who warned her she was not yet a student.

“[He] had the heart to tell me I wasn’t a student,” Pfefferle said, describing the interaction to the Fix. “This means that my classification is still in limbo and is currently being decided by the administration. I have been accepted, I paid for my housing, I have my roommates, I even have a complete class schedule. If that doesn’t make me a student, what does?”

Pfefferle says she was also quizzed on a number of things by other Marquette officials, including her views on “Dreamers.”

“They also asked me hypothetical questions regarding Dreamers,” she said. “How would I respond if a Dreamer who lived down the hall from me came up to me and told me she didn’t feel safe or comfortable with my views and me being on campus. They also asked me if they thought there was anything I could do to improve my image on campus. They proceeded to ask if I was comfortable with the reputation I have established for myself. The assistant dean asked if I put any thought into the response I would be getting from my videos.”

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