As A News Outlet..RIP! and it’s “writers” are officially off the list of being not only a “credible” source (whatever that means), but also as a legitimate news outlet.  Time after time, we have seen rushed one sentenced articles with BOLD statements, with 0 facts, 0 content and sometimes even a story in a galaxy far far away from the actual truth.

In’s latest snafu, Their article involving supposed actor “ADAM SANDER” not only aims at propaganda aimed to bash the POTUS and join in with the other paid news outlet content, they cannot even get a something as simple as the name of a C list Hollywood star correct.  I get it, Big Daddy and the Waterboy amongst all films was a long time ago..but come on.  Just check out the joke article for yourself Fails Again!
Was this article some type of CIA funded social experiment to see how many yahoo readers (aka SHEEP) would notice and chime in on this planned snafu, or is it the nail in the coffin to summarize Yahoo! as a news outlet..a total joke.  I’d say the the ladder…or maybe both.

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