TRON (TRX) Crashes Again to $.02. Upsurge Unlikely.

With many other new sites and affiliates still boasting that TRON (TRX) will upsurge to $.04 from $0.02, it just raises red flags.  Just 2 days ago TRON was at $.04.  To claim it will upsurge from a dramatic downswing raises eyebrows at the legitimacy of the affiliates claiming to “report” on this “scam” coin.

It is slowly coming to light that TRX is doing another cash out for it’s owners and employees while coinholders are finding their wallets decreasing in monetary value.

When will TRON expose itself and finally throw in the towel?  Can Justin Sun continue creating fake buzz?  The latest spend he did with the Warren buffet Luncheon generated a national buzz, but that fizzled out quickly.  Not only that, coinholders saw 0 gain and only a loss since then.

It is only a amtter of time when the S*** hits the fan for tron and will be nothing left but a distant and possibly horrific memory in our lives.

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