CES 2019 – Day 1 – Notable Mentions

CES 2019 Kicked off day 1 today loaded with 8K TVs, AI, and oh, did we mention AI?

Here are some of the most notable displays in our opinion shown as of today-

Bell Nexus

It’s a flying car…turned hybrid electric air taxi


Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic concept

It’s kind of weird looking but cool i guess?

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic


It’s 88-inch OLED TV..or shall we say 85 inch 8L LCD TV..

LG proves again to be the king of TVs..and wallet snatchers –$15K



It is a wheelchair turned segway for the regular commoner

Toyota Mobility Foundation

Hyundai Elevate

It’s … a.. walking car.  The real purpose of this “thing” is to allow citizens to enhance mobility..say climbing a rock..on mars perhaps?


Trifo Ironpie

It’s designed to clean floors more efficiently and effectively in less time — and at $299–an upgrade from the old robots


R-Pur Nano Mask

A mask that filters exhaust and urban air pollution..for the runner, outfitted with cool LEDs

R-Pur Nano Mask

Samsung The Wall

Not that wall..but a 98 inch 8L TV kind of wall


Hupnos antisnoring sleep mask

It’s supposed to vibrate once it detects a snoring emerging, pushing the sleeper to change positions


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