The Cryptocurrency Space Just Became A Little Bit More Shady

With many White Paper Coins and Startups being linked to pump and dumps, the image of the cyrptocurrency space just became a little bit worse.  In a recent report, major cryptocurrency exchanges are allegedly reporting individual or even falsified data on cryptocurrencies and trade volumes. writes:

BTI released its December 2018 report which firmly stands to claim that only two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Bitfinex have been representing their original trade volumes. The Coinmarketcap’s report stated that among the world volume rankings Binance stands at the third rank while Bitfinex is placed at the 21st rank. But the estimates reflects something else in the BTI’s report.

Furthermore, the BTI stated in a rebuttal in wakes of the report:

“only one of the top twenty exchanges ranked by Coinmarketcap should be actually placed in top 10. Apart from that one exchange, the rest of them do not stand even close to it and are falsely placed”

Everything just seems a little bit shady doesn’t it?

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