Emotional Management When Investing

There is absolutely no way anyone can know exactly what is going to happen. Many will claim to know this is the end, and many will fall prey to that fear. Its normal for all of us to feel scared, to worry about our future. In truth many have invested a lot into cryptocurrencies and looking at the markets today cannot bring anyone any comfort.

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I realize that many who participate of the cryptocurrency space do so with very little understanding of how trading works. Trading, speculation of assets is currently the main driving force behind this market, since many of the projects rely on the liquidity it brings. I say this, only to say that because not many understand, it’s completely normal that most people feel like a day with double digits into the red might be signaling some sort of end.

Thinking like an investor

Acting in desperation, selling the crypto you hold in fear is exactly the opposite of what an investor would do. In other words, we can boil this down to one simple question. Why would you sell at a loss?

Of course I understand that some people took a gamble when they bought into crypto. However, the current fear you might be feeling might be telling you the gamble you took was not the one you should have taken, and that might be the bigger lesson hidden here.

Remain calm

If you understand the technology, a red market like today should not be the reason why you all of the sudden lose all faith. If you’ve lost it, it might be a sign you have not fully grasped what the proposed solution is all about.

There are many individuals that like to call cryptocurrencies as a whole a scam. Their criticisms are laughable because they accuse cryptocurrencies of the very things the US Dollar is in actuality. Thinking critically, it’s impossible to not wonder, what are the agendas at play.

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If you can wait, wait…

The bull market is coming, everything in life is a pendulum and that is something hard to deny. I’m only saying this because I was looking at some exchanges at the moment, considering a point of entry noticing the sale walls taking over my screen. There are currently two Orca’s worth of STEEM waiting to be purchased on Bittrex.

I ask, and I ask this sincerely. How many investors do you think are selling today? I can almost guarantee the answer is none.

Stay Rich my friends..

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